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A stand-up comedy skits in PROJECT MANAGEMENT
!! Totally New, Short yet effectively Hilarious!!

12 november 2017
!!! This is an invitation to participate one of its kind of an event!!!
Project Management is absolutely fun-filled & hilarious science and art! One needs a knack to experience & express it!
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Project Circus is an opportunity for all the professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience. Of course only one condition – that experience sharing should be in the form of Stand-Up Comedy! We always believed that the simplest way to communicate the most important learning is a humour.

Why Stand-up? 

Many a times we have such small fun-filled moments between two or three members which are so hilarious and short. We want to create a platform for such small instances and make use of an extra-large funny bone of the professionals to bring out the hidden talents….

Basic expectations and terms & conditions of the competition!

Theme: The theme should be based on Project Management! smiley The theme is to bring out paradoxes and puns in PM!

  1. This stand-up act must be scripted and performed on and around the topics closely related to project management – e.g. ecstasies and paradoxes in project management, project manager's life in project, funs n frustrations in PMO, projects, programs, etc.
  2. The stand-up MUST be humorous – parodies/ satires will be looked forward to. smiley
  3. The performance must create a positive, fun-filled, energetic environment aptly weaving PM incidences.
  4. This event is more for small teams hence there is no restriction on number of entries from the same organization. We will take only 12 entries on first come first serve basics. However an individual cannot participate in more than one team.
Earn 3 PDUs * | Language: MARATHI and /or HINDI and/or ENGLISH
Duration : The total time provided for each team shall be 15 minutes maximum. With minimum of 7-8 minutes of on stage performance.
Number of on-stage performers : Minimum - 01 | Not more than 3
Number of backstage assistance : Not more than 2
Rounds of performance : There shall be 1 (One) round of performance
Rewards : Best PM Connect | Best Performance | Best Concept |Best Acting

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Adherence to the theme,
  2. Adherence to the time
  3. Effective & efficient use of characters, stage, acting, dialogs, projection, etc.
  4. Novelty in the theme.

Parameters (1), (2), (3), and (4) shall be evaluated during the performance by the judges who are the domain expert in "theatre.

Entry Fees:*INR 1500/- (non-refundable) Click to Pay
Entry Submission: By 14-October-2017– completed application form over email

Infrastructure made available for the competition by the organizers:

Final decision:

  1. Judges' decision shall be final decision on the evaluation.
  2. Organizers reserve all rights of allowing, rejecting and /or barring the entry for cause, convenience, or default.

Prohibited aspects of the act:

In order to avoid any awkward circumstances; stand up act should refrain from making any direct connections to religion, gender, sex discrimination, and any such and similar instances that might create unrest in the audience. Organizers are not responsible for such aspects. The play shall be stopped in case it is found violating the rule and it shall be out of competition.
Expenditures of drapery, travel, food of the participating team shall be borne by the participant teams.

Do join us, enjoy and create a very positive energy through creativity rendering happiness!!
!!Project Circus!!
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