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Dramatic World of Project Management! -2017: Summary

Drafted by Rohan Umranikar, PMP, Photo Credit to Susheel Chavhan, PMP Refined by Dhananjay Gokhale, PMP, PMI-RMP, Man of the Year 2012 by ABI, USA.

7 industry teams, 102 participants, 265 plus audience, 19 volunteers, 3 judges, 2 PM juries, 2 backstage engineers, with one common thread amongst all – the enthusiasm and happiness of participating in the consecutive 5th year of the unique event – “The Dramatic World of Project Management” organized by Dhananjay Gokhale (DG) took place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March - 2017.

The D-Day, 4th March 2017, Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium

08:30 am IST: Morning huddle of the volunteers! 1st learning of the day was time management or as DG calls it “we cannot manage time” - It’s Throughput management for all the teams as they had to complete their registration in a time bound and disciplined manner. The performances will kick off at 10 am; everybody can feel the adrenaline rush...! Let the Show begin...!!

10:00 am IST: DG is on stage, greets everyone and announce the agenda for two days event while inviting all team leaders on stage. Team leaders share their experience about rehearsals. The event begins by “Nandi” (A ritual song to seek support from the God). This song is specifically casted in the context of Project.

10:15 am IST: The third bell rings, lights off, camera and action - 1st Performance Challan Kallol by Sailpoint Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

The plot: On the backdrop of Demonetization. A sizzling word that kept us engaged for some time now.

The Impression: Opening scene - Pink Panther background score. What is it all about? Husband contracts a Kidnapper to kidnap his wife to enjoy a “peaceful” one month. Demonetization is announced. Will the contract & the Project awarded to the kidnapper be completed as per scope?

11:00 am IST: Prekshakanni Kshama Karavi by, Resilient Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd

The Plot: Some enthusiasts are planning a Project in the form of stage drama on the side lines of “Mahabharata – The Epic"

The Impression: Mahabharata characters.. Bhim the epitome of strength not able to lift his gada, extremely hilarious:).. The Sponsor cannot afford the cost of project... cuts corners. The project is in a complete mess... Will this drama see the daylight?

Kal, Aaj Aur Kal

MilkoMeda12:00 am IST: Banava Banavi by Allscripts India Pvt. Ltd

The Plot: PM and his team is awarded a project of finding rental home for their boss. Is this the real scope of Project or there is some Scope which is insufficiently defined.

The Impressions: PM & his team is in search of a good rental home land up at the owners home... They device a plan to ensure they seal this deal. One of the team members falls in love with owner’s daughter... What happens next is linked wonderfully to PM concepts. The members intuitively handle the change in scope, project plan, and execution strategies to promptly acquire new skills in the form of making poetry to impress the daughter... Will the team succeed? Will they complete the project? Does the boss get his new home?... All enjoyed the Tongue in cheek humor.

Wonderful link to Lord Brahma: Designer, Lord Vishnu: Developer, Lord Mahesha: Project Manager, Lord Naradmuni: Scrum Master / PMO, Functional tester: Wife...

5th March 2017

10:00 am IST: Home Ministry Vs. Chicken Butter Masala by Inautix Technologies (A BNY Mellon Group)

The Plot: Vegetarian Vs. Non Vegetarian – Will this old age war once again damage the relations of our Protagonists. Well...

The Impression: Chicken is “First Love” for the male protagonist. Wife is a pure vegetarian. Will this difference in preferences impact their relationship? When differences become irreconcilable both approach PMP lawyers. The PMI Court will decide the fate for them. Judge hears and delivers an excellent analogy and reunites the couple.

11:00 am IST: Apla Picture Superhit by Alfa Laval India Ltd.

The Plot: An old Stage performer and a dejected politician decide to resurrect their aspiration.

The Impression: A stage performer and a politician decide to take up a project of producing a movie... They find right stake holders and a sponsor... They decide on the plot, actors, script writing… Finally they execute the project... Movie is released... Will it be hit or a flop? Will their fledgling careers resurrect?

12:00 pm IST: Yada Yada hi Prakalpasya by KPIT Technologies Ltd.

The Plot: On the side lines of “Swayamwar” of Ms. Draupadi of Mahabharata...

The Impression: Ms. Draupadi is to be wed through a public function “Swayamwar”... Aspirants are Mr. Duryodhan, Mr. Karn and The great Archer Mr. Arjun ably supported by Sri Krishna... Act was absolutely hilarious, performances by the participants were supreme... the whole concept and execution was spot on... End is known when Arjun weds Draupad!

Respect to Defined communication protocols, success to be shared, need for acquiring new skills at the fly and adjust to changes in scope and importance of flawless execution – are the PM Connects those were elaborated very well through the drama.

13:30 pm Ahiravan Must Die by Aker Powergas Subsea Pvt. Ltd.

The Plot: How to overcome your demons and trade on path of success...

The Impression: The boss bags this unique project with a Name as unique i.e. “Ahiravan Must Die”. Boss allots this project to his PM, her own grandmother is the project sponsor. Who is Ahiravan and why he must die? Do your inner demons haunt you? Do your fears pull you back from scaling new heights? If Yes!! Then this is a must watch... Will the PM succeed in her project? Does Ahiravan die? Does the PM succeed in overcoming her demons? Do her team members including her boss redeem themselves and overcome their fears in the whole process of executing the project..? Perhaps the most standout performance of this event... Interesting screenplay and writing... Thoroughly enjoying and introspecting.

The concept of ‘self-victory’ or ‘self-control’ for a PM was extremely elaborated in the drama.

The Trophy: DG awarded the Trophy for the 1st time. It was decided that trophy shall be awarded in the 5th year and the trophy shall be unique. It represents the “The Hand of PM”. The project management is an art of balancing. More truly, it is an art of compromise - - to an extent that the person compromising should not feel that it is being done .

The trophy comprises of two planes with 4 vertices, namely Scope, Time, Cost and Quality on one plane; while HR, Communication, Risk and Procurement on the other. The PM needs to maintain the horizontal equilibrium of the planes by pulling the strings of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. While doing so the PM should be emotionally un-attached to the project. That is what is represented by the trophy.

Trophy developed by Veenayy Tandoan and Amit Bachal.

Award and Closing Ceremony:

Last but the most awaited segment of two days event Award ceremony starts sharp on time as decided. DG shares his PM perspective, experiences with drama leaders while interacting and introducing new theme – Project Circus in addition to Drama in PM.
On this platform EVERYONE is WINNER. DG extends the invitation for next year’s drama performance and takes the promise from all leaders and drama participants. The best part of the event is Presence of Healthy Competition. A competition with self to excel while helping all others. These are the moments of happiness!


DG expressed the need that the experiences should be captured throughout the year. Drama is not written overnight. The drama happens everywhere. In every team, every organizations. While one goes through the experiences one must capture them. Emotions like anxiety, happiness, pleasure, frustration, can be turned into humor bringing the edutainment!

The happy audience!


Teams drama 2016

See you all in the Next Dramatic World in Project Management in 2018

Thank you everyone!