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The PMO Oath:

This oath was created by Dhananjay Gokhale in the year 2014. Many organizations there onwards have made use of this oath as a guiding principle for setting up the PMOs.
Like the PM Oath sets the guidance for project managers, the PMO oath acts as a lighthouse for the PMO members. The PMO Oath will be appreciated only if the reader understands the meaning and context of the PM Oath. Therefore, now that we have understood the meaning of the PM Oath, we will be more appreciative of the PMO Oath.
The lack of positive self-image is the key challenge that a PMO member faces. Hence the PMO Oath starts with the lead line …

We shall act as buddies of project, program, & portfolio managers to develop agility in actions.

The major value that a project manager adds to the table is “quantitative, reliable visibility & predictability. It is possible only when project managers feel the dire need and intrinsic willingness for the same. The PMO’s key contribution is to develop intrinsic willingness. The next line in the PMO oath therefore reads …

We shall cultivate intrinsic willingness to bring in quantitative visibility & predictability in the endeavours.

The need of the PMO is strategic. The PMO acts as an active catalytic agent not only in transforming the project managers, but also transforming the organization into more responsive & more profitable in the ever-changing environment.
It is said that the project manager should always take the side of the project. The project manager must remain honest to the project. The PMO helps the PM to do so. In a way the PMO acts as a trustee. The PMO is not on the leadership side, neither on the PM’s side. It must act as a trustee of the organization. The decisions & contribution must always be taken keeping in mind the long term view. The PMO enables PMs, Organization Leaders, and the team! Hence the last ultimate reminder line in the PMO Oath goes as ..

We shall act as trustees of the organization for making it responsive & profitable while adding values to society!

The PM oath and PMO oath both ultimately guide the performer to the cause of societal contribution. Each project has its impact on society. With these oaths let’s continue our journey. I request you to keep validating the learning with the guidance in the oaths.

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