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Dhananjay Gokhale (DG)
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In the dynamic world of project management, challenges are inevitable. Project managers often find themselves grappling with a myriad of difficult situations, from tight deadlines and shifting priorities to interpersonal conflicts within the team. This relentless pressure can lead to frustration and stress, undermining their ability to lead effectively.

The root of this frustration often lies in a failure to recognize and address the psychological aspects necessary for managing these challenges. Without the right mental framework, even the most skilled project managers can struggle, impacting not only their own well-being but also the success of their projects.

Here enters the concept of the ‘The Zen PM’ developed by DG. ‘Zen’ refers to the emphasis on calmness, mindfulness, and emotionally detached attitude which offers a powerful antidote to all the stresses. The missing piece in many struggling project managers is not a lack of technical skill or resources, but the absence of a Zen mindset. By cultivating calmness, mindfulness, and emotional detachment project managers can transform their approach, paving the way for smoother, more successful projects and healthier, happier teams.

Participants Feedback

Olga: Amazing presentation about Zen PM!
Ramya: Loving the Zen PM session!
Claudio: all very true
Kavita: As rightly mentioned by DG, project managers are human too, with exactly the same personal-private responsibilities of any other professional in the business domain.

Rommie: “Stakeholders will diligently think of new ways to annoy a project manager” – how true… OOmmmm
Kamminga – “let the project speak”, I like that
Roel: Great story!

Joanna: Love this statement: project management is psychological science
Peter: DG, you are a legend
Pascal: Great session DG – thx
Saurabh: Very interesting perspective, thanks for sharing!
Evelyn: awesome, great story and session
Antoine: Very insightful, definitely will think of it and reflect!

Olga: Can you please post a screenshot here of the last slide? Would love to share it within my peers, who do not attend today and with my manager to raise awareness and discuss it on the team meeting.

Rommie: DG – you are my Guru
Claudio: Thank you, very helpful perspective
Roel: Love it!
Aytuna: I felt the ZEN inside – perfectly in time for my projects at the moment! thanks a lot
D, Vijayalakshmi: That was a wonderful session on management of emotions! thank you!
Chandrashekar: We are in a very critical program with multiple PMs… This session truly helps all of us and bring Zen in our program.

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