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What is association?

देवान्भावयतानेन ते देवा भावयन्तु वः। परस्परं भावयन्तः श्रेयः परमवाप्स्यथ

dēvān bhāvayatā anēna tē dēvā bhāvayantu vaḥ.
parasparaṅ bhāvayantaḥ śrēyaḥ paramavāpsyatha

Dēvān (the experts) Bhāvayatā (nourish, help, foster) Anēna (with this)  (those) Dēvā (the experts) Bhāvayantu (nourish, help, foster) Vah (us) Parasparaṅ (each other) Bhāvayantaḥ (nourish, help, foster) Śśrēyaḥ (contributory) Param (best, excellent) Avāpsyatha (shall get, shall achieve)

You nourish the experts, and the experts shall nourish you. This symbiosis and the act of helping each other will help us all in attaining the highest, excellent, & contributory growth.

This is a wodnerful trick presented by Lord Krishna. This is the real mantra of collaboration. (appears in Chapter 3 Verse 11 of Śri Bhagwadgītā). 

Types of association

There are four types of associations

Full time associates with DG for administrative assistance,  as a facilitator, content creator, lab assistance or branding

Part time associates with DG for administrative assistance,  as a facilitator, content creator, lab assistance or branding

Formally assist us to take the learning opportunities like . paper books, AV books, Video Series, Daily Uplifts & Learnex to the society.

Furtive means ‘hidden or behind-the-scenes’ contributors like UI & UX designers, hardware providers, printers, reviewers.


She is PMP Certified. Associated with DG from the year 2012. She facilitates project management workshop. She led logistics, commercials, and administration. Looks after the launch of all open-house and public seminars. Has 13+ years of work experience. She holds the expertise in creating & conducting Project Management training programs. She is an integral part of DG’s innovative initiatives like PRAKALPTARU; created Learning Interactions – New concept BALUTEDAR and coined the concept of Dramatic World of Project Management with Drama, PROJECT CIRCUS. Geeta has successfully undergone “Train The Trainer – Creating Wonders in Facilitating” program conducted by Dhananjay Gokhale (DG) and is a certified facilitator. She has facilitated programs at organisations like LEAR, AllScripts, Volvo Eicher, Accenture, IBM, Geometric, Kirloskar Brothers, Sun Pharma, PRAJ Industries & many more.


She is PMI-ACP, SAFe, DASSM certified. Working as a Facilitator and Consultant with DG since last eight years. She facilitates training on Agile, and Microsoft Project. 22+ years of experience in Project Management. Before joining DG, Nivedita was responsible for projects in locations like Japan, UK and USA. She has been co-author for an IEEE research paper on Business Analytics and SMAC. She has been part of the ISO and CMMI auditor team at Zensar. During our tenure as PMI REP and now PMI ATP, we have assisted many organisations and individuals and have supported them to become our associate. Nivedita completely looks into the Franchisee and Fellow development. Nivedita manages the complete ISBN related work and association development for books. She is in-charge of the ETF – Enabling the facilitators workshops. She got 3 sets of 60 PDUs developed under the DGTal banner.


Working as a Backend Support for complete DG team since last eight years. From managing book stock and courier services to overseeing the smooth functioning of printing operations, Sandeep’s expertise is unparalleled. He has sound knowledge of Pune city and near by areas as he travels a lot for delivery every day. He maintains connects with various suppliers and gets the printing  material ready on time.  Sandeep’s background in insurance equips him with valuable knowledge on vehicle and life insurance, making him a well-rounded asset to the team. And to keep his dedication and positive energy at an all-time high, Sandeep prioritizes his health with a daily exercise routine. Sandeep manages the complete printing and courier book and DG products. He is in-charge stock of DG books, Daily Uplifts and Frames.  


She is BSc. Working under guidance of DG as Research Student. She has completed DGCFBPA (DG Certified Facilitator for Building Positivity through Atharvasheersha) and has actively participated for various batches. She plays important role in the एवं ध्यायती (Evam Dhyayati) applied Atharvashirsha Level 1– sessions. She herself has studied DG’s  courses on ‘Atharvasheersh”, ‘Goshta Bhagavadgita’, ‘Mahant Lakshana’, ‘Avadiniwadeche Jag’.  She excelled in public speaking, winning elocution competitions and a college award. She has represented her university at a research festival after winning at district and university levels. She is passionate about classical music and theatre, with hobbies like reading, photography, music, writing, and storytelling. Since 2018, she  has become a Yuva Kirtan artist and has published articles in various publications. Along with this she also runs her own blog named ‘Swanandaghan’.