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Enabling Services: Blasting the bubbles of problems

  1. Agile Maturity Audits
  2. Agile Transformation
  3. Scheduling: Competency of SMRM®
  4. Project Management Competency Assessment
  5. Project Management Office (PMO) Set-up
  6. Developing in-house trainers/ facilitators
  7. MBTI® Based Personal Counselling
  8. Learning Products Content Development

Agile Maturity Audits

Agility Audit is all about assessing the mindsets of the members associated with projects using agile perspectives. It is more about seeking the inventory of Agile Literacy, Agile Sensitization, & Agile Institutionalization. it NOT a compliance audit. This is an extremely important stage to seek the clear understanding of ‘as is’ stage of agility. This serves as a good input for future developments and transformation exercises. It is a good practice to always assess the agile maturity on a regular basis.

This service

  • Assists in achieving SMRM© – Single Minute Review Meeting. (This concept is designed, developed, and copyrighted by Dhananjay Gokhale)
  • Ensures communication in Quantitative Visibility & Predictability format.
  • Eradicates the mindset of firefighting & heroism!
  • Creates Creative Collaboration across functions

Agile Transformation

It is said that Agile is a mindset. It is not a tool. Classroom training alone cannot bring in this mindset. The training develops intrinsic willingness. Once it is done, it is important to handhold the team. It is necessary to take them through all the ceremonies of agile way of working. These handholding services fundamentally work as a CATALYTIC contributor to transform to an agile way of working. The coaches help the team to practice the fundamentals on the live project. This is done in a very conducive environment.

  • Cultivates intrinsic willingness for transformation
  • Creates conducive environment to learn agility
  • Offers the environment to practice & improve through fail-fast mechanism
  • Creates creative collaboration amongst the various stakeholders
  • Builds the ownership of decisions and actions

Building scheduling competency for SMRM©

SMRM© stands for Single Minute Review Meetings! This service helps project managers to make use of the concepts, techniques, and the tool so that the project review meetings consume maximum 9 to 10 minutes. Many project managers use scheduling tools like Microsoft Project. However, the tool many times is used merely as a presentation tool rather than a project scheduling tool. Project Managers don’t use the tool nor implement the techniques. The main reasons behind this are lack of knowledge of concepts and lack of practice of tools & techniques.

This service…

  • Helps project managers in developing, tracking, and analysing the project schedules in Microsoft Project.
  • Develops a common set of guidelines and templates for project schedules.
  • Conducts regular reviews of the schedules.
  • Develops in-house resources in the organization who can take-over further.
  • Makes SMRM© as a regular process in the organization

Project Management Competency Assessment:

Several organizations try to define and document project management competencies. Many factors like (i) a clear articulation of competencies, (ii) defining competency grades, (iii) facilitators’ interviewing & inferencing skills, etc. play a very vital role in such an exercise. The exercise must aim at bringing the best out of a project manager with honest efforts dedicated to competency build up for achieving the business success!

This service.

  • Identifies the strengths & areas of improvement in the domain of project management for individuals, and for the organization.
  • Builds the internal ‘mentor-mentee’ relationship in project management.
  • Creates a community of practitioners for project management.
  • Takes a step towards developing the culture of quantitative visibility & predictability

Project Management Office (PMO) Set-up

The project management office (PMO) is a key to ensure that project management is effectively applied across the organization. Of late, PMO is becoming a watchword in the industry. However, one needs to follow a certain collaborative discipline to seek the maximum yield from this domain. The PMO setup is all about developing the mindset. The Four Baskets of PMO set-up goes through Library – Mentoring – Handholding – Strategy aspects. This service is designed to set up the PMO with high sustainability.

This service

  • Assists in achieving SMRM© – Single Minute Review Meeting. (This concept is designed, developed, and copyrighted by Dhananjay Gokhale)
  • Ensures communication in Quantitative Visibility & Predictability format.
  • Eradicates the mindset of firefighting & heroism!
  • Creates Creative Collaboration across functions

Developing in-house trainers:

Training & facilitation is a performing art. Unlike any other stage performance, facilitation is a performance that has long-lasting impact on the participants’ lives. Hence, it is extremely important to learn & practice this art through its science! If domain-experts and technology- experts can facilitate the sessions in-house then it would be a great benefit to the organization. However, one must develop the facilitation competency of these experts.

This service

  • Creates the in-house assets in terms of trainers & facilitators!
  • Creates a very positive “self-image” as a trainer – facilitator.
  • Builds essential competencies of 3-Ds (Design, Development & Delivery)
  • Builds the ability to use critical mistakes-based learning.
  • Demonstrates the mistakes that a facilitator does.
  • Makes the participants work on eradicating those mistakes

MBTI® Based Leadership Counselling:

Awareness of one’s own preferences works miracles. Leading self & leading others are like the two legs. MBTI helps individuals identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses. It therefore helps in understanding others as well. Majority of conflicts, stresses, frustrations, and therefore energy leak is due to unawareness of preferences of self and others. It helps in communication, team building, developing creative collaboration, assertive negotiations, and preference-based result orientation.

This service

  • Creates awareness about preferences of self and others.
  • Unfolds the strengths of your preferences.
  • Helps finding complementary preferences.
  • Opens avenues to seek & offer help to self & others
  • Creates collaborative culture with self & others

Learning Products Content development services

We assist in creating contents for virtual and physical learning programs. A well-developed learning program is a tasty recipe for a connoisseur or a foody. The contents in a variety of forms like lecture notes, presentations, case-studies, assignments, simulations, questions, and scenarios play a vital role in maintaining the quality of the contents. This enhances the quality of the learning experience. We at DG hold domain expertise in project & program management, leadership, MBTI, and related self-development areas

This service

  • Authors case-studies, questions, scenario, simulation,
  • Reviews all forms.
  • Conceptualizes ideas.
  • Assists instructional designers.