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PML Satsang by DG - On Project Management & Leadership!

Series of 12 Interactive Seminars: each of 90 min + Q&A (30 min)

This series of 12 Seminar Notes throws light on few important areas in project leadership & management. The concepts, techniques and pathways are intrinsic to Indian philosophy.

Each seminar elaborates the concept in the context of practical life experiences. It also put forwards the 'how to implement' aspects of the concepts!

Current topic of the seminar series (PML Satsang) Dates
1. Balutedars Said it: Success Mantras of Leadership & Management To be annouced

Upcoming topics of the seminar series (PML Satsang) Dates
1. Agile: Need for managing self - a connect to Upanishada To be annouced
2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull: Leading self and others To be annouced
3. Law of Karma & past life: in Project Leadership & Management To be annouced
4. Renunciation: A key competency in project management & leadership To be annouced
5. World of people preferences while leading & managing work To be annouced
6. EQ s Initiating to Closing (IPEMFCC) - getting the work done! To be annouced
7. What Is enough? : In the context of Soothing 40s To be annouced
8. Songs for PM&L To be annouced

Past topics of the seminar series (PML Satsang) Dates
1. Assessing PM Competencies - A case study 02 April 2016
2. Ganesh Atharvasheersh : 42 competencies of project leader & manager 21 February 2016
3. PMO Set Up: What works - what doesn't 17 January 2016


INR 300 per entry pass. One entry pass is valid for one session for one person. Discounted fees: INR 3000 for a purchase of set 12 entry passes and INR 250 per entry pass for a purchase of more than 12 passes. Unused entry passes are endorsable and transferable to other person and other session as well.

One can consider giving a gift of 12 passes to friends, colleagues, family members.

Do join the PML Satsang program!

Venue :

Damle Hall, Damle Building, Insearch Lane, Law college road, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411004. | View road map