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5 industry teams, 79 participants, 255 plus audience, 19 volunteers, 3 judges, 2 PM juries, 2 backstage engineers, with one common thread amongst all – the enthusiasm and happiness of participating in the consecutive 3rd year of the unique event - "The World of Project Management with Drama" organized by Dhananjay Gokhale (DG) took place on Sunday March 1st.!

  • The rebel of Critical Path against project manager …
  • The villain lady 'K(c)ritika'
  • The love story of 'risky' with 'planningo'
  • The integration priest ....
  • The white elephant of "pet" projects
  • The flashback of 'PM drama in drama"
  • The Robbery suspense demonstrating PM Competencies
Aren't these amazing & 'wow' ideas when you see them being performed on stage? This year's major attraction was personification and human manifestation of project! The audience witnessed the human forms of scope, cost, time, risk, planning, executing, and the apex was manifestation of critical path. Wonderful dialogs between Project Manager & Project!

Earlier day, 28th Feb, Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium, Volunteer's Meeting

fellow10.40am IST::
Even the volunteers have to do 'dress rehearsal' like the drama contestants do theirs. DG assigns responsibilities & conducts a detail walk-through with volunteers. Hats-off to Volunteers for their enthusiasm, & motivation! They played well!



The D-Day, 1stMar, Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium

08.30am IST: 'Such an early morning & parking already full?' Fellow volunteers already in their positions!

09.00am IST: DG welcomes everyone & invites all team leaders on stage for the Nandi. This is a traditional ritual song to seek support from the deities.

09.10am IST: First bell rings. There are no curtains on stage. It is a rare opportunity for the audience to witness live action that otherwise happens behind curtains (stage property being set up, lights & music arrangements being tested).


09.15am IST: Third bell rings. 'A Tale of drama' by KPIT Technologies starts.

The plot: Making of a drama is a project by itself. The project manager coordinates & manages all project management activities to make this drama happen.

The impression: KPIT starts on a right note. The opening scene shows an award ceremony of a drama competition & the winning team leader walks on to stage actually from the audience. The rest of the drama then unfolds in a flash-back, taking the audience through key areas in project management such as planning, team selection etc. Throughout the performance, the star cast's attempts to manage the show more as 'project management' project than a drama keeps on creating chuckles amongst the audience.


10.00am IST: 'DoDo – the White Elephant' by Aker Power Gas starts.

The plot: The play is about a project to transfer a White Elephant from father-in-law's factory to son-in- law's factory.

The impression: Aker guys steal the show right in the beginning with an innovative & hilarious Project Closure Technique named as 'Procession for Celebration'. However, a validate scope during the process leaves all stakeholders (including audience) dumb, to know that 'a white elephant' is THE deliverable & is missing. The 'never-give-up & whatever-it-takes' attitude Project Manager goes back to the 'project-van (Garden of Project)' for an RCA. In an extra-ordinary feat of genius, all schedule tasks come alive in form of on-stage characters. The PM invents a unique way out where he reverses the tasks till the nodal point to make the floating path as critical path. What happens in the end isNOT everyone's guess!


11.00am IST: 'Milestone' by Accenture Services Pvt Ltd starts.

The plot: "Milestone" is a drama of office politics. Big Boss steals the credit of the project success and receives most prestigious award. The Project Manager, who should have been the actual award winner, gets into a long argument with big boss. Instead of accepting his mistake, the Big Boss raises question on PM's project management knowledge. PM accepts the challenge, teaches him a lesson by drawing a very detailed plan and stealing his trophy before the award ceremony. He does it flawlessly by incorporating all the best practices of project management

The impression: Accenture team succeeds in creating a natural office environment with some very elaborate office property, excellent use of overhead projector & some natural acting by the staff. The scene with the thief entering house of the PM and PM getting an innovative idea to seek revenge through the interactions with the thief adds some more flavour to the drama.


12.00 pm IST: 'Kuryat Sadaa Prakalpam' [keep on doing projects] by Praj Industries starts.

The plot: It's a light hearted family drama correlating with PM processes & represents the fun-filled situations taking place when two mismatched families get into relationship through marriage. Different characters and their behaviors in different situations add a spice. Play shows decision making process of a boy – "whether to marry or not?" while on the other side, play also depicts the girl's point of view towards marriage. PM is a vital part of this play & it comes from the characters' point of view.

The impression: Amazing manifestation of the processes in the project management. The concept of a girl "Risky" falling in love with a smart boy "Planningo" was amazing. The most wonderful part was the priest shown was a character 'Integration Priest' . The play revealed the relationship amongst the process groups and knowledge areas if they manifest in human form!


13.00pm IST: 'A farce of 1.5% - CSR?' by WePMs starts.

The plot: A sponsor has to undertake a project to construct 150 toilets in 15 villages in 1.5 Crores rupees under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Nobody is serious about it, but the PM is still accountable for the fate of the project.

The impression: The play opens with an interaction between an old man & a Project Manager who is frustrated because he is getting beaten up on all project fronts. What follows is a series of flashbacks, in which, the project manager is shown how the project was actually carried out. The unfolding drama lashes at how C.S.R. projects have become a mockery due to careless, negligent attitude of everyone involved. The play ends by making people aware of who the old man is – an orphaned project! The drama ridicules with humorous satire on the hypocrisy and show-biz mentality in project management!

14.15pm IST: Entire auditorium is fully packed. And finally the much awaited formal rewards & closing ceremony starts. While the jury members are expressing their point of view, while awards are being distributed, while helping hands are being felicitated & while DG is putting it all together from PM perspective, all that I can see & remember is the cheerful faces of overjoyed audience, behaving as if their college days are back.

"The world of project management with drama" provides a platform to creatively surface the paradoxes, puns, and pluses in project management implementation. This triggers a new look at project management education and enabling!

I am extremely happy that the 'real' purpose of this platform is being served!
Browse through next pages for wonderful photographs & expressions!

The happy audience!

Final Checks before the Event starts

The Expressions!

It is indeed electrifying to experience the charged-up atmosphere and many takeaways from this project. This is an excellent 'Project Fun and Learn' and 'Human Lab' megaproject you have undertaken. The way teams are built, knowledge is shared, creativity unleashed and project management learned through this is unparallel. The icing on the cake is that this is a condition of humorous theme so at the end we see many happy faces onstage and in the audience who have learned a lot in the process. - Nikhil Dharap [Best Writer Award]

Can't really express my gratitude in words, for even this brief association with you has given me a complete learning experience that has gone much much more beyond mere handling of a catering assignment. Feel extremely motivated! DG, deeply heartfelt THANK YOU!!! - Sonal [Catering Services]

So very true DG, our award started when we formed the team and started working on it! Thank you so much for bringing in such a platform. Now our aim is to retain this culture of PM drama every year. Your concept should not die out. Hats off to your creativity! Such events are a true example of experiential learning in a short time! As you have rightly said, each one of them has played a role of project manager managing so many tasks, risk, lot of planning on personal and work front, and communication! - Supriya [Leader - Winning Team Aker Solutions]


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