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The world of project management with DRAMA!

dvd drama

*Price valid for dispatch in india. Dispacthes will be done in India. Entire set will be available by 18th March 2014.

08 industry-teams, 142 team members, 3 judges, 250+ audience, 16 volunteers, 2 back stage engineers – light, sound, with one common thread amongst all – the enthusiasm and happiness of participating in the 2nd year of the unique event in the world of project management, - "Developing and presenting drama in Project Management" organized by Dhananjay Gokhale (DG)!

Timings* Play Schedule/ Day/ Date Play Schedule/ Day/ Date
  Saturday 22nd Feb Sunday 23rd Feb
16:15 hrs to 17:15 Mughal – E – Project Manager 
   (Tieto S/W Technologies Pvt. Ltd)
   (Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd)
17:15 hrs to 18:15 Khote Bole…..Rajkarnat
   (CMC Ltd.)
Projectyan - Ek Pravas
   (Aker Powergas Subsea Pvt. Ltd)
18:15 hr to 19:15 Andhaar Yaatra 
   (Cosmos E Solns & Service Pvt. Ltd.)
Mazi Hoshil Ka? 
   (KPIT Techonologies Ltd.)
19:15 hrs to 20:15 Andharakadun Prakasakade
   (Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.)
   (Praj Industries Ltd)
20:15 hrs to 21:15   Closing & Award ceremony

22nd February 2014 : Day-1

fellow14.45pm IST :
'Mid afternoon ... Looks like performances are going to be hot!'... 'No stage curtains?'
[This is contemporary theatre ... the fourth wall is the audience – the venue staff explains.]
Behind the stage, fellow volunteers are already in position.


16.10pm IST : All team leaders are invited on stage for the 'Nandi'. This is a traditional ritual song to seek support from the deities. The fully packed auditorium is drawn in a divine mood.

16.15pm IST : First bell rings. DG formally welcomes the audience, participants, and judges. DG announces the beginning of the fest "Developing & Presenting Drama in Project Management"! Audience freezes in silence! It is a rare opportunity to witness stage property being set up, lights & music arrangements being tested.

16.30pm IST : Third bell rings. 'Mughal-a-Project Manager' by Tieto Software Technologies starts.
The plot : Emperor Akbar is the Project Sponsor. If Prince Salim solves over-budget problem, he gets to marry Anarkali.
The impression : The opening sequence (3 Anarkalis alternating steps between traditional & modern style of dance) sets high expectations. Are we about to see an impending battle between the OLD & the NEW? An exceptional bearing by Akbar (the Mughal Emperor) sets the expectations ablaze. Cool Birbal (Akbar's Chief Advisor) using laptop adds fuel. With such a capable star cast (& probably being last time winner), the writer tries to address 3 areas (historic, politics, & project management).


17.15pm IST : External vendor bringing the projector meets with an accident! Unforeseen risk consumes schedule buffer.


Khote 18.15pm IST : 'Khote Bole-Rajkaranat' by CMC Ltd. starts.
The plot : Madam, current minister in command, decides to resign & plans to bring her son in the politics.
The impression : One act play is not a facilitated workshop. Otherwise I was so tempted to ask Madam, 'why?!' I reckon this project as successful because the CMC team delivers exactly as per their scope statement.
Only good PM (read as project management) can make this possible (even if intermittently connected via announcements).
The son's interview by promoting ad agency is a blast.
Desired-to-be-supportive stakeholder's (interviewer) sarcastic tongue-lashing leaves the audience laughing their hearts out!


19.00pm IST : 'Andhaar Yaatra' by Cosmos e-Solutions starts.
The plot : A kingdom is in the dark. Pradhanji (Minister) hires a Project Manager to setup an electricity project.
The impression : Live dholaki (Indian percussion instrument) performance evokes electrifying response from the audience.
Dim lighting in the king's court signifies kingdom in dark. The king searching for his throne using flashlight marks the opening of a hilarious comedy.
Farcical bearing maintained by all characters & quirky dialogs make this a very entertaining act.
Finally, end of this act is everybody's guess – enlightenment using PMBOK!


andharatun-prakashakade 19.50pm IST : Last act of the day 'Andharatun Prakashakade' by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. starts.
The plot : A PM is assigned a high budget project. That night, in his wildest dream, the project fails & he wakes up the next morning with all lessons learnt.
The impression : First 3 comedies depict what happens if others' projects fail (we laugh).
This act shows what happens if our own project fails (steep fall into an abyss of darkness, depression, restlessness & loneliness).
Thank god, it is only a dream. But the lessons taught are real - follow PM practices not only by body but also by soul.


23rd February 2014 : Day-2


16.15pm IST : 'PM Nighale INDRAPURI' by Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. starts.
The plot : Lord Yamraj's Death Management Software is malfunctioning. Narad-muni advises Lord Chitragupta to hire PM from planet Earth.
The impression : During selection interview, both candidates throw loads of PMBOK® at the interviewers. Interviewers' expression is a killer ('yeh yeh, we know your level, but we have an urgent need!') Taking advantage of the fact that all this is happening in dream, both PMs try to do what every PM on planet earth wants to do – dominate stakeholders.
Needless to say their attempt meets a righteous end – their own names get selected (for death) by their own software.


17.15pm IST : While Aker Power Gas team prepares for their 'Projectayan', overhead projector plays glimpses from previous day.


projectayan 17.30pm IST : 'Projectayan' (Project – the journey) starts.
The plot : Typical project life cycle. Project runs into disaster as customer demo fails.
The impression : Human Resource Management in PMBOK® is much more than what meets the eye.
Aker project team beautifully picks this thread. The PM's balancing act between democratic & authoritarian leadership styles is icing on the cake. No wonder, his team finally succeeds in pulling the project out of disaster.


18.15pm IST : 'Mazi hoshil ka?' by KPIT Technologies starts.
The plot : A village boy falls in love of a city girl. Their marriage setting by a Marriage Bureau is a project by itself.
The impression : The village boy's innocence is lovable. Marriage Bureau agent's stakeholder analysis as James Bond is a creative genius. Strategy employed by him to convert resistant stakeholder (the girl) into a supportive stakeholder is brilliant. For a moment, I actually think the girl would be better off marrying the agent.


why 19.15pm IST : 'Why?' by Praj Industries Ltd. starts.
The plot : Why majority of public sector projects meant for the benefits of the common man get abandoned?
The impression : Who is supposed to answer this question, The script-writer? The drama moves on serious note.
DG wanted paradoxes to get exposed in humorous way.
Nevertheless the performance was superb!
The conflict of mind and intellect; good and bad; ethics & corruption; systematic approach & heroism is well depicted.


20.30pm IST :
The much awaited formal rewards & closing ceremony starts. Entire crowd stayed back after the break.
While the jury members are expressing their point of view, while awards are being distributed, while helping hands are being felicitated & while DG is putting it all together from PM perspective, all that I can see & remember is the cheerful faces of overjoyed audience who is behaving as if their graduation days are back.

DG gives the PM Oath to everyone!
We are the project managers... we shall not get attached to the project... we shall bring in visibility & predictability...
we shall make life more beautiful...


So... who's the winner? I would say 'EVERYONE'! Everyone was clear on one thing that they had already presented the real award to themselves in the form of happiness and absolutely new perspective to project management! Unbelievable when thought about! Difficult when started working on!! And was equally delightful to watch 8 plays on fun, pun, connect to life & paradoxes in project management. The event ended with the invitation by DG for 2015 event! Each team promised to be the contestants and participants in the next year's event!


Participants & Audience Expressions :